About us

Magic Feedback is founded by the two Ex-Googlers, Nima Vali Rajabi and Francisco Arias. With more than 15 years of experience building products for startups, scaleups, and public companies, Nima and Fran, have built the solution they always wished they had themselves.

Our mission

Managing customer feedback is a dreadful task. But it shouldn’t be.

It feels great to learn new insights from customer feedback. It’s the rush of excitement when you discover something unexpected. It’s the injection of confidence when you validate the direction you have chosen. Customer feedback is pure gold.

But it isn’t being treated like pure gold.

Customer feedback is scattered all over the place, and it keeps piling up. You try to keep up by remembering everything, but it becomes overwhelming. You keep explaining what’s inside of your head, but your team can’t really pick it up the same way.

So you have to manually organize and analyze all of your feedback. But it feels dreadful, rather than joy. Something you keep falling behind on. Like it’s dragging you down, not pulling you up

It’s time to change the way we manage user feedback. It’s time to modernize it. Make technology work for us. Turn everything upside down.

With Magic Feedback, we have done just that. It makes feedback a joy. It pulls you up. It gives your users a voice. It’s  customer feedback management the way it should be – truly magical.

The founders

Nima Vali Rajabi
Nima Vali RajabiCEO & Co-founder
Former principal PM at Humio (aqcuired by CrowdStrike). Ex-Product Lead at Google. In my free time I really enjoyed playing chess until I lost 11 games in a row to a 12 year old.
Francisco Arias
Francisco AriasCTO & Co-founder
Software engineer, ex-Google Tech Lead and 15 years experience in software development from SAP and startups. I have led products from inception to $100M. In my free time I’m a passionate crossfitter.

Our investors

Maki VC
Maki VCInvestor
Geeta Schmidt
Geeta SchmidtAngel investor